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Flat Brim Hat

There are many types of flat top wide brim hats. According to the users, it can be divided into a flat brim cowboy hat, flat brim hat mens, and baby flat brim hat.
The flat brim cowboy hat is a magical hat. From the most distant Indian tribes to the most fashionable magazine covers, you can find it almost anywhere in the world. It carries the spirit of the American West, this is the cowboy hat.
The characteristic of flat brim hat men is that it will make your entire face look more symmetrical. For men who like to wear casual clothes, you can choose some light-colored flat brim hats.
The baby flat brim hat has the functions of keeping warm, preventing heat, dust, and protecting the mind. It can also be used as exterior decoration. Wearing a suitable flat brim hat for your baby in the cool spring and autumn can also play a good role in keeping warm.