What should I Pay Attention to when I Wear a Hat?

September 05,2022

For those who love beauty nowadays, hats are not only used to keep warm in winter and shade in summer but also to match decorative clothes. A hat is a very impressive thing. Once worn, it can effectively increase your return rate. So what should we pay attention to when we wear hats?




  1. When people buy hats, they often ignore a serious principle, that is, harmony with clothes. Therefore, when trying on a hat, you should also stand in front of the dressing glass and consider whether it matches the clothes on your body.


  1. Don't neglect the dress code. That is, petite girls should choose to wear wide-brimmed hats with big eaves, but the brim should not exceed shoulder width. If a woman with a small figure wants to wear a hat with a brim, she should wear a hat with a certain angle. Otherwise, she will appear heavy-headed and light-footed.


  1. When wearing clothes with shoulder pads, you should wear a hat with an angled brim, which will make you look natural and elegant, and extraordinary. However, the flat roof without eaves type can also be selected.


  1. Girls with "bangs" on their forehead can wear their hats back, that is, on the back of their heads. In addition, choosing to wear a flat-top hat with no brim also has a lasting appeal.


  1. When wearing printed clothes, you'd better wear a hat with a darker color.


  1. The value of hats should match the value of clothes. Clothes are high-end, and hats can't be sloppy. It should be noted that hats of the same quality as clothes will give people a deep impression.  Otherwise, even clothes will become inferior.
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