Some Tips about Hat Storage

June 27,2022

As one of the favorite fashion items of young people, hats can not only effectively block the sun, but also have a variety of designs that are particularly eye-catching on clothing. I don’t know if you have such an experience. When you come home, you can hang your coat and coat in the closet, but take off your hat but there is nowhere to put it.


Hanging on the coat rack is too slippery and easy to fall off, and it will look messy when placed on the table or in the cabinet. So how do we store and organize hats so everyone can easily find them when they need them.




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Hats are divided into several categories according to season, material and frequency of use. Store hats that do not belong to summer in a storage box and store them in the closet.


For hats with stiffer materials, you can first use a hat support of a suitable size to shape the hat. Because the material of the hat is different, we should avoid squeezing it when storing it, otherwise the hat will be deformed and inconvenient to wear when taking it. For special materials, there is no need to force the use of the hat support, and some soft fillers can be appropriately placed inside the hat, so that the stored hat will become more three-dimensional.


Not only that, in order to avoid dust contamination during storage, we can put a sealed storage bag on each hat, which can isolate the contact between the dust and the hat for a long time, and it will be brand new the next time you use it 's hat.


DIY storage method:


Prepare an unused belt and some clips, and clip the hats on the belt neatly and orderly according to different styles and colors. Each belt can hang many hats, which effectively saves the space utilization rate. The belt is hung on the hook behind the door, and you can find the hat you want at a glance when you go out.


Hanging storage method:


For a hat with a softer couch and no brim, install a hole-free telescopic rod or railing on the wall. Many hooks and clips can be placed on the telescopic rod, and the hat can be hung neatly on the hook. Like peaked caps and baseball caps, the elastic band at the back can be used to fasten the hat directly on the telescopic rod; stiff hats such as jazz hats can be folded and hung on the top of the coat rack if they are not suitable for storage. This storage method is convenient for storage. At the same time, it can clearly find the corresponding hat without deforming the hat, so why not do it.