Shopping Points of Fishing Vest

July 21,2022

Originally designed to be worn by fishermen, the fishing vest can not only be used to store the bait needed for fishing, but also hang a fishing rod bag on the back, or it is attached with a life jacket function. The improved fishing vest is also very suitable for wearing and matching and retains the design of multi-functional pockets. The material is thinner, and the design is also more fashionable. However, many people know little about fishing vests, so this article will share the shopping guide on fishing vests.




Safety first


When fishing, the most important point must be safety. Therefore, from the perspective of safety, it is the most correct way to wear buoyant fishing life jackets in areas that are prone to falling into the water or in rocky fishing with unstable footholds, as well as in the Luya fishing method that needs to stand in the water. In addition, although river fishing and fragrant fish fishing are mostly carried out in shallow water, there is also a risk of being washed away by rapids and accidentally crossing into deep water areas, so it is also recommended to choose lifesaving models.


Better use of high-strength materials


Many props with a certain weight, such as plumb bob and fishing scissors, will be used when fishing. Because these items need to be stored in the pocket of the vest, if their material strength is not high enough, it may lead to the imbalance of the center of gravity and affect fishing. Although the style made of mesh fabric is cool and light, it is still recommended to choose a two-way fishing vest with a strong detachable lining as far as possible.


Just a moderate number of pockets


The fishing vest has multiple pockets, which can accommodate a large number of tools. However, the number of pockets is not the more the better. For example, what is needed in the Luya fishing method is a large pocket that can put down the bait box, while rock fishing needs a space that can accommodate fishing scissors, hook forceps, and other bulky items. If the product is designed with too many extra pockets, it may increase the burden or cause difficulty in activities due to placing unnecessary items. Therefore, when purchasing, you should first confirm the tools you usually carry, and then take this as the benchmark when selecting the pocket capacity.


Anti-splashing processing is more convenient


If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to choose products with anti-splashing processing, so that the weight that may be generated after touching the water can be reduced to a certain extent, and it is easier to clean the stains. However, if you don't have too much budget to buy such relatively expensive anti-splash styles, you can also spray anti Splash Spray on general fishing vests, which can also achieve good results.


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