Selection of Ski Cap

August 04,2022

The main function of a ski cap is to protect the head and ears, so when choosing a ski cap, you must pay attention to its lightness and not affect the field of vision. Generally, it can be woven with fine wool with good elasticity.


ski cap


If you feel that the cold wind stimulates your face too much during taxiing, you can choose the headgear that only shows your eyes, and then use it with a fully enclosed goggle to cover your face and effectively resist the stimulation of the cold wind on your face.


The head is the key place to protect when skiing, so you should be extra careful in the selection of ski hats, and you must pay attention to keeping warm. The best ski cap is a wool cap with good elasticity. The length is the first condition that it can cover the ears. It should be close to the head and ears so that it is not easy to loosen even if you exercise violently.


It is best to choose the pullover style, which only shows the front half of the face, which can prevent the cold wind from blowing on the face because when skiing, the cold is very cold. If no protective measures are taken, it is easy to frostbite the skin, which is particularly important for women.


This year, many ski hats have added two slender belts to their ears, which is the latest trend in hats. Young women will look very cute with this new ski hat. But it should not affect the vision. Now there are many high-end thermal snow hats made of cashmere and rabbit hair that have been launched. It is recommended that snow friends not choose those too cheap protective ski hats. Generally, the thickness of protective snow hats is not enough, and there is serious Jerry building, which cannot meet the standard of thermal insulation and cold protection.


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