Can a Baseball Cap Keep Out the Sun?

October 11,2022

One of functions of a baseball cap is to shade the sun. In sunny weather, it can not only play a decorative role, but also relax the eyes.




Is the baseball cap good for shading?


In addition to sunscreen in summer, hats are also the best sunscreen tools. But among many hats, the effect of baseball one is better. It can be both elegant and personalized. It can be said that it is a necessary piece for sunshade and perfect shape in summer.


How to choose a baseball cap?


✔️Choose according to your own figure


The petite girl should not choose a hat with a large brim, which will cover the whole head. This will make you look like a dwarf doll with a big head. Choosing a hat with a small brim and a high body will appropriately lengthen the whole body, making people look taller than they really are.


✔️Choose according to your own style


Although we are encouraged to develop in an all-round way and widely explore, your style is stable in many cases. If you are cute, don't pick big rivets and cool baseball ones with holes. You will waste money if you hold them. If you are a sports beauty, you must have a sports cap on the track.


How to maintain a baseball cap?


  1. Put the cap in a box of appropriate size without wearing it;
  2. The place where the hat is placed should be dry and cool to prevent moisture and mildew;
  3. It is also a good way to keep hats in plastic bags;
  4. If there is only a little stain on the cap, it can be slightly wiped with ammonia water dipped in a little alcohol to avoid shrinking the cap due to repeated cleaning.




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